Warning Signs

> Increasing payables over 45 days old
> Harassing creditor/collection calls
> Demand letters
> Poor cash flow
> Using credit cards to fund your business

Why consider Corporate Debt Restructuring?

Litigation and bankruptcy are expensive and risky. Why take the chance?

It makes more sense to allow Fuselier & Associates Financial to negotiate your existing debts with an average savings of 40% -70%, usually settling the payables issues at 50¢-60¢ on the dollar — including our fees. We can usually arrange for generous payment plans as well.

Fuselier & Associates Financial

We will negotiate your debt directly with your creditors and devise sound solutions through solid financial consulting.

Let us help your company recover financially and achieve financial stability.

The Best Solution for Your Commercial Debt

If your business is drowning in debt and constant collection calls and irate creditors are keeping you up at night, you need help now. If you think bankruptcy is the only option, think again.

Fuselier & Associates Financial is NOT a law firm, nor do we provide legal advice, we are certified financial recovery specialists. We provide debt relief by way of debt negotiation and debt settlement and achieve this by negotiating your debts directly with your creditors. Our experienced financial consultants help restructure your payables and receivables to improve cash flow.

We are NOT a credit consolidation company — we focus on cash-flow management, debt negotiation and devising sound solutions through solid financial consulting. We have helped hundreds of companies of all sizes by negotiating debts and improving cash flow.

We take control of your debt so you can retake control of your business.

  • We work exclusively on commercial / business debt
  • Customized negotiations to meet your financial needs
  • Improved cash flow by way of reducing debt
  • We are BBB Accredited A+ Rating
  • We take over and deal with harassing collection calls and creditors
  • Allow you to focus on running your business